My goal at Mis B- Haven Miniature
                          Australian Shepherds is to breed
                        dogs correct to the standard of the
                            breed with great temperaments
                                    and great disposition. 
                         Our dogs are beautiful to look at,
                            friendly to your children,
                            & as healthy as can be. 
                       They are raised on a farm and are
                                very well socialized
                               with other animals.
                        Our breeding program is small,
                       but I love to keep it that way. 
                            That is the only way
                            I feel I can give my babies
                           all of the attention they need. 
                           They are all part of our family. 
             They love going camping with us and going to the beach. 
          Miniature Australian shepherds of quality is our specialty

Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email  if you need any information or help..                                       Thank you for visiting us.


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Q: What is the Hardest Working dog on earth?
  A: An Aussies of Course.

Please don't make me sit
here long,,
I can't take it, I need
to run......
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